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The Adventures of Uncle Kevin and Flat Stanley: Day 2

On Thursday, Flat Stanley accompanied me  to my friend’s house in Tiffin, OH.

Day 2 travel

Day 2 travel

Each thursday, I gather with a small group of friends to play games and enjoy other activities after work. Today, we played Disc golf (golf with special Frisbees) before playing a few board games.

Stanley is ready to play.

Stanley is ready to play.


Stanley enjoyed playing 7 Wonders with us.

Stanley plays 7 Wonders

The Adventures of Uncle Kevin and Flat Stanley: Day 1

Flat Stanley has stopped by to visit me for the next week. For those not yet familiar with Flat Stanley, more information can be found at or on I will try to post updates about our adventures  each day.Flat_stanley

On Wednesday, Flat Stanley joined me at work. I am a mechanical engineer at GROB Systems in Bluffton, Ohio.

Day 1 Travel

Day 1 Travel


GROB has manufacturing plants around the world


GROB in Bluffton, OH

At GROB, we design and  manufacture machines that make engines for cars and trucks. Flat Stanley saw how I used several different tools including my computer, calculator and pencil and paper while I worked on designing a new piece of equipment.

Flat Stanley at GROB

On our way home from work, we decided to stop and put some gas in the car. Stanley does not often have to stop for gas, so he enjoyed seeing how the gas pump worked.

Stanley helps pump gas

Tomorrow, Flat Stanley and I will travel Northeast to Tiffin, OH to meet up with some friends after work.