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Twin Caves and Gus

We took a tour of some water-filled caves this morning and then this afternoon we visited the Gus Grissom Memorial.  After that we headed to the nature center in the park.  After a short swim in the pool, we enjoyed a big dinner to wind down the day.

Spring Mill Village

After making people out of the remains of our breakfast, we hiked around on the trails for quite a while today both before lunch and after. Both times we made it to the Spring Mill Village where there is a working grist mill.

Spring Mill Inn

We drove down to the Spring Mill Inn today and here is just a taste of what we got to enjoy on the ride down with monkey butt.


We survived another week of work. It was pretty uneventful as we mastered the art of sleeping most of the day away several days last week. On saturday, Curtis, Nate and I went to Munich by train and spent the day touring the Mercedes dealership, downtown Munich, BMW dealership, Deutsches Museum, Hofbrauhaus and the olympic stadium. The first picture is the train we took from our town to a connecting train about 15 minutes away. It took us about an hour to get to Munich by train.

Here is one picture from the olympic park, we got there fairly late and weren’t able to get down on the track level, but it was pretty impressive from above anyway.

On sunday we drove to Lindau Island on Lake Bodensee and did some sightseeing there and then took the scenic route back through the mountains. I have had some very good runs lately, while trying to avoid the monsterous snails and slugs that are loving the cool wet weather we are having here. Our flight leaves early Saturday morning and we should be in Detroit by 1:30 and back to Bluffton around mid afternoon Saturday.
p.s. I found some more German chocolate tonight, so I am going to have to leave some of my clothes here to make room in my bag for chocolate, but the good news is I should have plenty to share when I get back.


Curtis and I took a trip saturday down to the town of Schwangau to see a couple castles. We were able to tour one and just walked around the outside of the other. After that we made a quick trip to Austria and then headed home. In the evening we went to see a German rock band at a festival about a half hour north of our hotel with Markus.

It was pretty foggy when we got to the castles, but after our tour it started to clear up, which was much better for taking pictures

Here I am next to the second castle we visited with the castle we toured in the background.

This is the view of the Neuschwanstein castle from Mary’s bridge, which is about a ten minute walk away. This area is very touristy and it was very crowded when we were there, but very beautiful and worth the trip.
Talk to everyone later!

Wrapping up the week

We have had a good first week in Germany and this weekend we are planning to do some sight-seeing to some castles and maybe a lake if the weather cooperates.

Here is what is left of our sweet rental car.

This is the banana split I enjoyed Thursday after dinner.

This is a picture I took on Thursday morning’s run of the Therme which is a large swimming pool with a retractable roof. I haven’t been inside but I hear that on the weekends there is nude swimming, so maybe if I have a day free.

This is one of the paths that I get the pleasure of running on. On Thursday morning I scared a deer out of the bushes and also saw a fox or something similar.

I picked up some German cereal which are all loaded up with toys and I also bought some really good German chocolate. I may be loading up my suitcase with chocolate before heading home. Have a good weekend everyone!

Dienstag und Mittwoch

We have had a good couple days of class, although the weather lately has been kind of rainy, but the temperature at night is very comfortable even with the windows open. Our classroom gets very warm during the day, but hey, I am getting wonderful German snacks in the morning and my choice of pretty much whatever I want for lunch all for free. Our instructor lets us take very generous breaks and usually waits until everyone is in the classroom to begin. Here are some of the photos I have had a chance to take over the last several days. On tuesday we went to a toy store and walked around town.

This was a castle in nearby Buchloe that Curtis and I saw while driving around the country on Sunday.

I haven’t yet figured out what this sign said. I think it says something is forbidden. It was at the damn near Bad Worishofen.

This is the bus station in town here.

We spotted this special smart car in town while we were looking for a place to eat.

I have many more pictures that I can show everyone when I get back. Have a great day!

Hallo von Deutschland!

I have let a few of you know that everything is going ok, but for anyone else: we made it to Paris and then to Munich without any problems and we have spent the last two days around our hotel here in Bad Worishofen (I will figure out how to put the umlauts on the ‘o’ later). I am going to try to post some of the photos I have taken with short descriptions now, as I have limited time on a shared computer before I need to head to bed. The first photo is my bedroom, Curtis has a similar room on the 3rd floor and I am on the second floor. The other photos is my desert from Saturday night. Watch my flickr photostream at http://www.flickr.com/gp/31196367@N00/ee9eLT for more photos and I will try to post back here again soon.