We survived another week of work. It was pretty uneventful as we mastered the art of sleeping most of the day away several days last week. On saturday, Curtis, Nate and I went to Munich by train and spent the day touring the Mercedes dealership, downtown Munich, BMW dealership, Deutsches Museum, Hofbrauhaus and the olympic stadium. The first picture is the train we took from our town to a connecting train about 15 minutes away. It took us about an hour to get to Munich by train.

Here is one picture from the olympic park, we got there fairly late and weren’t able to get down on the track level, but it was pretty impressive from above anyway.

On sunday we drove to Lindau Island on Lake Bodensee and did some sightseeing there and then took the scenic route back through the mountains. I have had some very good runs lately, while trying to avoid the monsterous snails and slugs that are loving the cool wet weather we are having here. Our flight leaves early Saturday morning and we should be in Detroit by 1:30 and back to Bluffton around mid afternoon Saturday.
p.s. I found some more German chocolate tonight, so I am going to have to leave some of my clothes here to make room in my bag for chocolate, but the good news is I should have plenty to share when I get back.

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