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Uncle Si: Week 1

I received a very appropriate Chia Uncle Si from my niece this Christmas. Last week I started growing my first Chia pet. Here is how the first week went.

Click the picture to view the animated GIF.


Spuds Up

I have found made time to expand my small garden this year and am slowly returning to my previous avocation as a potato farmer. I also have some corn (although the rabbits have other ideas about my plan to grow corn), green beans, radishes, watermelon, zucchini and tomatoes (lots and lots of volunteers this year) started.

Things are looking good, except the things that disappeared after I planted them.

Things are looking good, except the things that disappeared after I planted them.

With the removal of my giant maple tree over the winter, I took the opportunity to move my garden away from the garage and expose it to more sunlight. I also needed to move it to give my peach trees the room they want to be their own peach grove.

I have some new friends helping monitor my garden this year. Watson and Webster have been entertaining me while I work in my new plot of land. Watson likes to chase Webster around the pen, but I get the feeling she enjoys the attention from the only other duck in sight. I even learned how to tell a male duck from a female duck.

Watson & Webster

Watson & Webster


I came home last weekend to find my lillies starting to bloom in the middle of the night.

And the rest of my flowers as of today.

 Here is the state of the rest of my garden as well:

Little cucumbers:

And sweet corn:

And finally my green beans that are almost ready:

Comments are welcome.


I have the first fruits vegetables of my labor in the garden this year.  It has been a month since I started planting my garden and my radishes turned out pretty well.  Here is my first harvest:



For size comparison, here they are next to a milk cap in my sink:

An overview of my garden as of the 22nd (after a light rain):

A look at some of my cucumbers:

And finally my green beans and sweet corn:

The end.


I started a garden in my backyard a little over a month ago.  It is right next to my garage, and probably too close to my only tree, so not ideal growing conditions, but I think it is going to be OK.

It is roughly 2m x 2m.  (I also got rid of that dandelion in the above picture.)

I have baby radishes:

I think a rabbit snacked on my little corn plants:

And the following pictures were taken a week later.

A row of radishes:

My tomatoes finally came up:

And my corn started to grow:

And then one week after that:

My  cucumbers came up:

And my radishes matured:

The tomatoes did not make as much progress however:

But the sweet corn is looking better:

And my green beans came up:

The red beets got a late start, but are looking good:

That is all for now.  I will continue to update my blog as my (attempt at a) garden progresses.  Also, I need to thank my parents for donating some of the seeds for my little backyard project.  Thanks for looking, and I hope you enjoyed!