I started a garden in my backyard a little over a month ago.  It is right next to my garage, and probably too close to my only tree, so not ideal growing conditions, but I think it is going to be OK.

It is roughly 2m x 2m.  (I also got rid of that dandelion in the above picture.)

I have baby radishes:

I think a rabbit snacked on my little corn plants:

And the following pictures were taken a week later.

A row of radishes:

My tomatoes finally came up:

And my corn started to grow:

And then one week after that:

My  cucumbers came up:

And my radishes matured:

The tomatoes did not make as much progress however:

But the sweet corn is looking better:

And my green beans came up:

The red beets got a late start, but are looking good:

That is all for now.  I will continue to update my blog as my (attempt at a) garden progresses.  Also, I need to thank my parents for donating some of the seeds for my little backyard project.  Thanks for looking, and I hope you enjoyed!

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