Well, I can’t go a whole year without posting or no one will ever visit my blog again. I decided to get out of the house Saturday and nothing sounded more exciting than a mystery cache, so I drove down towards Lima to Ford Reservoir.

I got headed off on the wrong trail at first, and realized it immediately, but decided to see how far and where the trail went. It followed the nearby railroad and passed behind some houses and some ponds.

After I had gone about a half mile down the trail, I decided I had better head back and find the cache before I ran out of daylight. I got back and found this ammo box much closer to where I had parked than what I expected. It was right where I expected it, so I must have solved the mystery correct. If you are interested, this is a really good cache, I would highly recommend it.

I left a 3rd place trophy from a 10 mile race in Lima, and not a trophy that I had won myself, but obtaining the trophy is another story entirely. It just fit in the ammo box, so somebody will have to take it out if they want to put anything large in there.

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