Wrapping up the week

We have had a good first week in Germany and this weekend we are planning to do some sight-seeing to some castles and maybe a lake if the weather cooperates.

Here is what is left of our sweet rental car.

This is the banana split I enjoyed Thursday after dinner.

This is a picture I took on Thursday morning’s run of the Therme which is a large swimming pool with a retractable roof. I haven’t been inside but I hear that on the weekends there is nude swimming, so maybe if I have a day free.

This is one of the paths that I get the pleasure of running on. On Thursday morning I scared a deer out of the bushes and also saw a fox or something similar.

I picked up some German cereal which are all loaded up with toys and I also bought some really good German chocolate. I may be loading up my suitcase with chocolate before heading home. Have a good weekend everyone!

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