Dienstag und Mittwoch

We have had a good couple days of class, although the weather lately has been kind of rainy, but the temperature at night is very comfortable even with the windows open. Our classroom gets very warm during the day, but hey, I am getting wonderful German snacks in the morning and my choice of pretty much whatever I want for lunch all for free. Our instructor lets us take very generous breaks and usually waits until everyone is in the classroom to begin. Here are some of the photos I have had a chance to take over the last several days. On tuesday we went to a toy store and walked around town.

This was a castle in nearby Buchloe that Curtis and I saw while driving around the country on Sunday.

I haven’t yet figured out what this sign said. I think it says something is forbidden. It was at the damn near Bad Worishofen.

This is the bus station in town here.

We spotted this special smart car in town while we were looking for a place to eat.

I have many more pictures that I can show everyone when I get back. Have a great day!

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